Heavy jigs fall fast and any bass staking out the edge of a grass line will usually strike out of aggressive reaction.
Bass Fishing

The jig is up

Hackney’s approach for warm-season grass jigging is all about forcing the issue: He’ll flip the ¾-ounce version of his signature Strike King Hack Attack jig with either a Rage Craw or Twin Tail Menace Grub trailer, targeting those edges, points and gaps where fish will be looking for easy meals that don’t require much effort. […]

Hollow body frogs do a great job of sliding and walking across grass beds and tempting bass below.
Bass Fishing

Hop to it

Is there anything more dazzling, spectacular or spellbinding in the bass fishing world than a big mossback monster blowing up on a topwater frog? It’s kind of like fishing’s Jack in the Box — can you hear that tune in your head? Da-da, da-da, da-da-da-da-da (“Pop Goes the Weasel,” if you need to Google it). […]

Bass Fishing

Stanley Top Toad

A leading artificial lure manufacturer’s newest pride and joy jumped like a real frog to the forefront of bass fishing circles in and around Louisiana very quickly in early 2013. […]