Yo-yo catfish

No one would ever mistake Don Drane for a rap star. When Drane says yo-yo catfish, that’s exactly what he’s talking about – catching catfish, and plenty of them, on a simple, spring loaded fishing device. In Drane’s opinion, there’s no better place to do it than Lake Washington in the Delta and no better time than right now. […]


Encore Bentley introduces aluminum catamarans

There’s a new cat prowling the waters this fall and it has an excellent lineage. Encore Boat Builders, manufacturer of Encore Bentley Pontoons, has entered the small fishing boat and runabout market with an all-welded catamaran named the Sun Cat. A 16 foot model will be officially introduced at the company’s dealer show on Sept. 16 and an 18 foot model will soon follow. […]