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Rodeo memories: One tough ol’ gar

Rain fell so hard on the Gulfport Small Craft Harbor that day in 1979.

It was ankle-deep in 10 minutes, mid-shin in 15 and at the knee within 20. The power had failed before the rising water had covered the toes of the men and women sitting around the scales at the original Rice Pavilion. […]

Bobby C's Outdoors

Deep Sea Rodeo memories: 66 years of fun

They stood out in the crowd, the man dressed in a black tux and the woman in a full-length gown. Formal wear is not normal attire for the Mississippi Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo, where tank tops, cut-offs and flip-flops are considered proper dress and where a string or thong bikini made out of a Confederate flag is acceptable and, on the appropriate body, truly appreciated and could even rate a salute. […]


Get the picture?

Strangely enough, the reservoirs on our nation’s river systems were not originally constructed to give us places to fish; they were built to control traditional spring floods that destroyed crops and homes. […]