Gulfport man hooks trophy trout

Trophy hunters are a unique lot; whether the game is whitetail deer, tuna or speckled trout, trophy hunters are just different. The lengths they’ll go to kill or capture their quarry is typically well above and beyond what the average sportsman is willing to face.



New high-tech night-fishing light

Crossing a bridge over a southern reservoir on a summer night can treat you to a light show that really makes you want to wet a line.  When the bite is on and the word is out, the flooded timber can be dotted with enough lights to look like a field of stars. […]

Field Notes

The key to beating a neap tide

A neap tide is one that occurs when the difference between high and low tide is least. It comes twice a month in the first and third quarters of the moon. The problem with a neap tide … is that it can totally shut the trout bite down. […]