New Products

VersaMaxx Bolt popping cork

If you get frustrated by constantly having to stop fishing to adjust the length of the leader under your popping cork, the VersaMaxx Bolt is exactly what you’re looking for. Changing/experimenting with different depths as you fish has been proven to produce better results, but wired cork fishermen have hesitated to do this in the past because of the time it takes away from fishing. Not any longer — the VersaMaxx Bolt solves this problem.  


New Products

Odin Lures’ Frigg Plug

Any time an angler can offer up a lure that appeals to a fish’s senses of sight and sound, he’s making it hard on the fish to resist. The Odin Lures’ Frigg Plug does that with its prominent profile, water-splashing cupped face, and interior rattle chamber and then takes things a step further by allowing anglers to add their patented Fish Smack liquid scent attractant to the lure’s hollow, hard-plastic body. […]