The slumbering long-beard sits in a logging road with his head tucked away underneath his wing.
Outdoor Updates

A sleeper at Canemount WMA

Lincoln County hunter Ricky Case harvested a sleeping gobbler on Canemount WMA. While cleaning the turkey, he discovered two shotgun pellet wounds in its breast area. […]


A typical day of hunting wood ducks

A typical day of chasing woodies with the author starts out a blind he’s constructed at a favorite, abandoned farm pond in the middle of some big timber. It has a beaver dam across the spillway and cypress trees growing on the shallow end.  […]


Backyard ducks

Duck hunting is becoming a favorite sport for many sportsmen and sportswomen. Considering all the gear needed, it can become expensive very quickly — especially if you have to pay to access good places near flyways with good numbers of mallards and pintails.  […]

Deer Hunting

Avoid the October Lull

It’s fall, and that means deer hunting has finally returned in Mississippi, with archers excitedly anticipating the Oct. 1 opening of bow season in four of the state’s five deer zones. […]

Bass Fishing

Classic baits for Mississippi’s state-lake bass

Opportunities abound in the Magnolia State for busting bass. Mississippi is full of time-proven lakes of the highest rank. Whether it’s lily pads in a cove, stands of cypress trees, flooded, dying timber, deep creek channels, grass beds, submerged trees or fields of stumps — we have it all.