Lee Farms: Part Two

As promised in an earlier “part one” feature on Lee Farms, we recently made a return visit there to see how they were progressing on their infrastructure, primarily the massive two-story all-purpose building. […]


Can you quess the mystery camp?

WRITER’S NOTE: When this story first came out, a statewide guessing game started as Mississippi outdoorsmen tried to name the camp. To this date, I have never revealed which camp it was. If you think you know, email me your pick, giving me the camp’s name and location. […]

Deer Hunting

Bruinsburg Bruiser ruins hunter for life

In 1863, General Ulysses S. Grant’s federal troops crossed the Mississippi River at a sleepy little town called Bruinsburg, where Bayou Pierre empties into the Mississippi below a magnificent mansion named Windsor that later burned, leaving only stately columns standing as mute testimony to the former glory the federal troops saw when they climbed those steep bluffs. […]


Mississippi Hunting Camps

As we’ve shown in past articles through the years, Mississippi hunting camps come in all makes and models, and I have been blessed to have the privilege of visiting a wide assortment, each with its own personality and intrinsic uniqueness. […]


Tuscolameta HC: Then and now

Located in Leake County where the Tuscolameta River empties into the Pearl River about five miles outside Carthage, Tuscolameta Hunting Club is a multiple-use, 4,000-acre camp offering its 60 members a broad array of hunting, fishing, camping and swimming activities. […]