Bass Fishing

For anglers, it’s hunting season

This crazy summer weather in Mississippi has forced bass fishermen to become creative in their efforts to consistently find and stay on fish.

Coming off a 10-day rainy and cooler period, temperatures are returning to the normal brutal mid 90s to triple digits. Water surface temperatures, which had dropped over 10 degrees to the lower 80s last week, are climbing again. In a word, this has made fishing… […]


‘Record’ trout no record at all

Internet reports of a new Mississippi record speckled trout weighing 13.9 pounds are untrue, biologists said, shooting down stories that include a photograph of a monster fish.

The truth is that the fish is indeed real — but, no, it will not be a state record because it was not caught in the wild. […]

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Fishermen, like farmers, enjoying wet weather

Summer in Mississippi isn’t supposed to be like this. We went from torrid, record-breaking heat in June to an almost immediate change to wet and mild in July.

Farmers certainly aren’t complaining, at least not in the southern two-thirds of the state, which has been hit by rainfall that ranges from intermittent showers to daily deluges, depending on the location.

But those smiling broadest are bass fishermen, who have found the frequent overcast skies providing not only relief from the heat but also an extremely good topwater bite that begins at sunrise and ends at sunset. […]

Bobby C's Outdoors

Crappie fishing cool on hot day

The challenge for Rabbit Rogers that July day was to prove that yes, you can indeed catch crappie, and a lot of them, in the hottest part of summer, baking in sunshine in the heart of Barnett Reservoir. And, more important, that you can have fun doing it, which, in the torrid conditions, was the real challenge. Torrid? More like brutal.


Bobby C's Outdoors

Prepping the deer camp

I was never a big fan of deer camp workdays, despite knowing how important they were to the success of the coming hunting season.

But, the very thought of leaving an air conditioned house or skipping a day of fishing to go slave in Mississippi’s summer heat — either swinging a Kaiser blade to clear trails, loading seeders behind a tractor or repairing or building shooting houses in 100 degree heat, 100 percent humidity and 100 percent mosquito and no-see-em habitat — suddenly made me very creative. […]


Survey delivers good news for Mississippi duck hunters

More good news came this week for Mississippi duck hunters when the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service issued its 2012 spring waterfowl survey findings.

Duck populations increased 7 percent over 2011, and now stand 43 percent higher than the long-term average (since 1955). The total number of ducks is estimated at 48.6 million ducks, compared to the 45.6 estimated just a year earlier. […]

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Putting Rez patterns to work on Calling Panther crappie

Despite the torrid temperatures delivered by a rare June heat wave, fishermen were quick to hit the water last week after having to deal with the nearly week-long and statewide frustration of winds and pressure changes related to tropical storm Debby that slowly churned in the Gulf of Mexico.

The arrival of the heat told me it was time to fish for crappie, and to see if all the talk about a blossoming crappie population at Calling Panther Lake near Crystal Spring were true.

Huh, crappie in 100-degree heat? On unknown waters? […]

Bass Fishing

Barnett Reservoir home to plenty of striped bass

Watching her fish was pure joy, and her unabated excitement and intensity made me wonder if I had married the wrong Gulledge girl.

My sister-in-law Susan Gulledge of Ocean Springs and I shared a fishing boat for the first time this weekend. I hope we do so many, many more times. […]


CCA meeting to focus on removal of offshore rigs

Facing the loss of what it estimates is 1,800 acres of valuable fish habitat in the Gulf of Mexico, the Coastal Conservation Association of Mississippi is focusing on opposing the government’s ordered removal of derelict oil rigs, a program known as the Idle Iron Directive.

“Saving Essential Fish Habitat ” is the subject of a CCA of Mississippi meeting scheduled Wednesday night (June 27) at 6:30 p.m. at the Hansboro Community Center at 1890 Switzer Road in Gulfport. […]

Bass Fishing

Testing the 250

Forecasts of the year’s first run on 100-degree heat, and Wednesday’s official arrival of summer, bass fishermen are moving deeper and deeper in their search of largemouth.

That might prove easier this year, as it did for us earlier this week, thanks to a new deep-diving crankbait produced by Mississippi-based Bandit Lures of Sardis. The 250 Bandit Ledge series will go deeper, is structure-friendly and unkind to bass. […]