State-record gator landed

It broke a trolling motor. It broke a boat trailer winch strap. But what the 697 1/2-pounder will most be remembered for breaking is Mississippi’s record for heaviest alligator ever taken by a hunter. […]

Bass Fishing

Frog provides dessert at Panther

As we have many times in the past few years when we need fillets quickly for a weekend fish fry, my partner and I hooked up the boat and headed to Calling Panther Lake near Crystal Springs Wednesday (Sept. 19).

The 500-acre Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks lake didn’t let us down. Using spinning gear, 8-pound fluorocarbon leader off 10-pound braid, and drop shot worms, we quickly started picking off our targets — undersized bass that are in great number in Panther.

So much so that MDWFP biologists urge fishermen to take as many as they want, up to 30 apiece a day, of bass under 20 inches. […]

Featured Story

Teal season opener gets glowing reports

Jacob Sartain worked all summer long to create habitat to generate teal hunting opportunities, manicuring the abandoned catfish ponds on his Delta property to provide what the blue-winged birds would want.

So many hours, so much sweat and for what?

“On opening day, we hunted less than 30 minutes,” Sartain said. “On Sunday, we hunted about 30 minutes.” […]


Luck of the draw

Tim Taylor didn’t get drawn for the Mississippi public lands alligator hunt, but he ended up with a trophy that will soon be hanging on his wall just the same. “Great photo isn’t it?” said Taylor, who works for the City of Ridgeland Parks Department […]

Bobby C's Outdoors

Beat the heat, but get beaten by doves

The way I figured it, I had two choices on the opening day of dove season last weekend, either an afternoon hunt when a heat advisory had been issued, or a cooler morning hunt leaving plenty of time for football. I wimped out, and accepted one of my invitations to a morning hunt. I chose poorly. […]