Bass Fishing

Skipping jigs

If you’ve ever seen an angler that really knows how to skip a jig under a boat dock, you’ll see why they are so good at catching bass around these structures. […]


How to tune a crankbait

When it comes to fishing with crankbaits, bass pro David Fritts of Lexington, N.C., is about as good as it gets. He would rather fish a crankbait than any other lure, and he has one tip that he said can make everyone a better crankbait angler. […]


A fishy candid camera

Capt. Robert Olsen fed a black cable over the side of his boat by hand, announcing, “We’re anchored over livebottom now, and sheepshead are typically here this time of year. You can see the structure and some fish on the depth finder, but let’s get a closer look with the camera.” […]


‘Spooning’ covers more water

Spoons are one of the oldest fishing lures in the book, and it’s still around because it’s so effective.

But, while many anglers use them for jigging around brush piles with a process known as “perch jerking,” Capt. David Hilton uses a different technique that allows anglers to cover more water than is traditionally possible […]