Deer Hunting

Pressure Cooker

Mississippi deer hunters are blessed in many ways. To begin with, we have an extremely long season when compared to other states — Oct. 1-Jan. 31, except for Zone 2, which doesn’t close until Feb. 15. […]


Here, There and Everywhere

For most deer hunters these days, the term “deer stand” conjures up images of a nice and cozy box stand situated on the edge of a lush, green food plot. And while these shooting houses can be effective in taking a trophy whitetail, not all hunters (especially many of the old-timers) see them in a very favorable light. […]

Deer Hunting

What are deer doing in mid summer?

Just exactly what are whitetails doing this time of year? I presented Chad Dacus, statewide deer program coordinator with the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks, with this very question, and here is his biological perspective of what deer in the Magnolia State are up to during the miserably hot months of July and August. […]


Never Too Early

When it comes to hunting whitetails with stick and string, Jimmy Cassell of Port Gibson takes this challenging sport quite seriously. While most archers consider it an achievement to harvest any legal buck, Cassell sets his standards much higher. In fact, he has passed up more 140+-class whitetails than most hunters ever encounter in a lifetime. His bowhunting success is evident by the numerous trophy bucks that adorn the walls of his Claiborne County home. […]

Breaking News

New dog-hunting regulations for Homochitto National Forest approved

The Mississippi Commission on Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks on yesterday (May 24) adopted four 2011-12 deer-hunting regulations changes, including a provision that places new restrictions on dog hunters in the Homochitto National Forest.

What surprised many in attendance was the fact that there was no one present to speak either for or against any of the proposals, included the much-debated Homochitto National Forest dog-hunting proposal that will require hunters within the national forest to take a series of new steps to legally use dogs.

“We had met previously with groups representing both sides of the issue, and had already had multiple public comment sessions,” MDWFP’s Director of Technical Programs Larry Castle said. “And since neither side requested to speak at the Commission meeting, we can only assume that they were satisfied with the answers provided to their concerns about this proposal.” […]

Breaking News

Homochitto National Forest dog-hunting proposal sparks emotions

Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks officials are meeting tomorrow (May 24) to decide if new, more-restrictive regulations should be placed on deer hunters using dog hunters within the Homochitto National Forest.

And the proposal has stoked up passion within the deer-hunting community.

“Good. (S)top dog hunting all together,” Randall Orman posted on Mississippi Sportsman’s Facebook page. “(It) wouldn’t bother me; no sportsmanship in letting dogs do the huntin(g).” […]

Breaking News

Commission to consider changes to deer season May 24

When the Mississippi Commission on Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks meets on May 24, they will decide whether to adopt four amendments to the regulations concerning the 2011-12 deer seasons and bag limits. Three of the amendments are expected to pass without much debate. However, the fourth change, which would implement new restrictions on dog hunters, has garnered some controversy.

The first change is a no-brainer. This amendment is directed solely toward the youth deer hunts, and helps clear up some confusion that exists about the season dates for these hunts. […]

Featured Story

Turkey trifecta provides family memories

Nowhere else across this country do wild turkeys receive more hunting pressure than right here in Mississippi. This intense hunting pressure results in our Magnolia State longbeards being a little bit wiser, a little bit spookier and a whole lot harder to kill than gobblers in any other state. […]

Bass Fishing

Calling Panther lake record broken twice in a week

When James Allen of Crystal Springs headed to Calling Panther Lake on Feb. 26, he had his sights set on landing a lunker largemouth. And since his neighbor, David Howell had just broken the old lake record the previous weekend with a 27 ½-inch-long, 14-pound, 1-ounce trophy Allen knew that the time was right to be wetting his line in the waters of the lake near his home.

Incredibly, David Howell also held the old lake record, a 13-pound, 4-ounce sow caught back on Feb. 2, 2009. […]