Panfish on the Fly

With the moon shining full in the morning sky, it was prime time for catching spawning bluegills on fly tackle. My plan was to introduce my friend, Krista Carter of Vicksburg, to the exciting world of fly-fishing. And what better fish for the uninitiated fly angler than bluegills […]

Bass Fishing

Post-Spawn Blues

Most avid bass anglers will agree that largemouth bass are more difficult to catch during the post spawn than any other time of the year. The post spawn has caused many seasoned fishermen to question their ability to locate and catch bass. […]


Blackmouths & Bushytails

We would be hunting a 640-acre plot of old plantation land, chock-full of giant hardwoods where squirrels abound. The weather was typical for January in Mississippi –– clear and cold. Perfect for chasing bushytails with a well-trained squirrel dog. […]