Henned again? There’s hope!

Sitting on a flat rock, tucked in against the base of a big tree on the slope down the end of a long ridge, the hunter heard exactly what he wanted to hear in response to his first calls as dawn broke.


Field Notes

If you tag a gobbler, fan him out

A tom turkey carries with him three body parts that most hunters consider trophies in the same realm that a whitetail buck carries an 8-point rack — worth keeping around to remember him by. […]

Field Notes

7 steps to display beards from gobblers

Years ago, my dad took me on a trip to look for hunting land in the mountains of West Virginia, and on one piece of property, the landowner pulled out an old cigar box to convince us how good the hunting was on the property. […]

Field Notes

Bigger baits mean bigger crappie

Several years ago, I had the opportunity to handle a really big crappie.

A local fisherman — a guy in his 80s who spent almost every morning on the pier at a municipal lake — caught a 3-pound, 7-ounce slab that broke the lake record. […]