Inshore Fishing

High hopes up high

Now, despite the vision advantage, even tower fishing can see its valleys of boredom. Maybe it’s a hot summer day when the fish are holding in deeper, cooler water or hiding under rafts of matted vegetation in the marsh. […]

Bass Fishing

The One-Two Punch

It’s great when that first cast meets with aggressive reception, but often, it takes some dialing in to determine the fish’s preference. Notwithstanding the oft-proven merits of junk fishing, a handful of examples show us that certain lure pairings hold particularly strategic benefit. Like a boxer setting up his opponent with jabs and then sneaking in a body shot or a Major League pitcher throwing the changeup, there’s more to successful bass fishing than randomly grabbing lures and hoping for the best.


Bass Fishing

Tandem-rigged baits serve targeted purposes

How quick are you on the follow-up cast? Can you reel up the first rod, grab a different one and drop a new bait at the point of a missed strike in, say, 10 seconds? A little less? No matter your speed — and assuming you can do it with accuracy — you simply won’t present a follow-up bait faster than a tandem rig. […]

Bass Fishing

Small changes produce more Senko bites

Sometimes, fish just need a little something different to push them over the edge. With plastics, a change in color can be just the thing. Several manufacturers like Yamamoto offer worms with chartreuse tips, but dipping tails in dyes like Spike It enables anglers to alter any of their colors with a simple dunk. […]


Pickwick Potato Chips

Define frustration: One cricket escapes the cardboard container and hops all over the deck and cockpit of the boat while a grown man on his hands and knees makes a complete fool of himself trying to catch the little fugitive. […]


Crank It Up

The way Steve Barnett harps on location, you’d think he was a real estate agent. Actually, the tournament angler/bass guide is most proficient at putting a crankbait in the right spot to make an easy sale to any bass with an appetite. […]


Pickwick Whiskers

Eavesdrop on a dockside conversation anywhere on Lake Pickwick, and statements like “I’m on ’em,” “They’re thick,” and “Boy, you shoulda seen the one I hooked yesterday” rarely refer to catfish. […]