Turn over a new Leaf: Float down this river to catch bass, catfish and bream

The Leaf River narrows so the water flows over just one end of a log jam and into a pool of deeper water. The flow is wide enough for a canoe to pass without problem, and Harold Turner guides the canoe to the shallow side of the bend where it rests in the eddy current below the log jam.

Baiting the bream hook he had affixed to a fly-line tippet, he threaded a large grasshopper onto the hook and stripped line from the reel with gentle pulls.

Two pumps, and the hopper landed 3 yards above the rapid flow. Stripping line into the canoe Harold kept slack out of the line as he could. The grasshopper entered the rapids and disappeared, the line goes taught, the rod doubled and the fight was on. […]

Bass Fishing

Junkyard dogs: Catching Pickwick Lake’s smallies

Smallmouth bass wear the moniker of “smallies” as if they have a chip on their shoulder — something to prove. What they lack in size, they make up for in brute strength and feisty attitude.

And they patrol stretches of Pickwick as if daring anything to invade their backyard.

“Pickwick is not the only place in Mississippi to catch a smallmouth bass,” Iuka’s Roger Stegall said. “But the size of the lake and the smallmouths population concentration make it the best Mississippi water to consider.” […]


2012-13 Deer Forecast: The best season ever!

A hunter’s anticipation of the upcoming deer season is triggered by positive events. One could be a visit to the Mississippi Wildlife Extravaganza, where a record number of high-scoring deer will be on display. Another could be the setting out and checking of a trail camera, and seeing the pictures that bring first-hand proof of the promise the new season holds.

Last, but not least, are the words you are about to read from the brightest deer minds in Mississippi, who in a unified voice say this may be the very best deer season in Mississippi — ever!

The 2011-12 deer season was definitely one of contrasts. Record-breaking mild weather, near-record mast crop, fewer deer sightings reported and hunter numbers continuing to fall. […]