Hog Hunting

Prepping a hog for the butcher

As they say in hunting, once the shooting stops, the fun ends and the work begins. If you’ve ever field-dressed a deer, you’ll have a rough estimation of how to do a hog, but there are a few key differences in quartering a pig for the processor. […]

Field Notes

Give your plastics a nose job

For a long time, one of Bassmaster Elite Series pro Aaron Martens’ secret weapons was a Scrounger. A Scrounger is a jighead with an oblong bill that served two purposes; a weedguard and an action enhancer.  […]

Field Notes

Land more fish with a stinger hook

Fishing a swimbait is one of the more productive methods of landing trout, redfish and bass because of their realistic appearance and swimming action.  However, because form sometimes comes before function, a few tweaks are needed to increase your hookup ratio.  […]


Pick the right stick

Most rational people don’t swat a fly with a sledgehammer, but the equivalent of such overkill happens every day. On the water, the sledgehammer is the rod and the fly is either a speckled trout, bass or redfish. […]

Field Notes

Vacation hotspot: Big Lake, La.

Calcasieu Lake, more commonly known as Big Lake, is in flux. It’s still a destination for those seeking trophy trout, because its reputation as a factory for plus-size specks is well known in Louisiana and into Texas. As Capt. Erik Rue says, “you can’t put the genie back in the bottle. […]

Field Notes

Make sure your summer is skeeter-free

What’s the worst part about summer? The heat? Nope. The fresh-out-of-school kids terrorizing the neighborhood? Maybe. In my estimation it’s no one thing but rather hordes of a certain small thing; mosquitoes. The agony of mosquitoes generally starts around the time turkey season is in full swing and continues way too long, into early bow season. […]

Field Notes

New app delivers the goods

Historically, fishing has been behind the times where technology is concerned. Perhaps it’s the laid-back nature of many anglers or maybe it’s due to an unwillingness of folks to want others clued in to their hot spots thanks to an eye in the sky. […]

Field Notes

Tangle-free topwaters & can’t-miss inshore colors

There’s nothing quite like the excitement of seeing trout or redfish explode on a topwater plug. Conversely, there’s nothing quite as frustrating as heaving your bit out, twitching it only to have it drag across the surface, like a snagged branch. Capt. Marty LaCoste has a simple and effective way to keep you from snagging on the hooks; a heavy monofilament leader. […]