Freshwater Fishing

A primer on worms

To an artificial lure-only snob, an earthworm is an earthworm. Not to knowledgeable freshwater live-bait anglers, though.

To them, earthworms come in three flavors. […]


Jessica’s Sauce Piquant

Justin Head’s family makes sauce piquants using game, but his wife Jessica wanted a version for fish. She did some research on basic sauce piquant recipes and adapted them to her taste. […]


Cleaning monster catfish

Skinning small catfish is a snap for most freshwater fishermen. After a few well-placed knife cuts, the skin is deftly snatched off with a pair of skinning pliers, and then the flesh is filleted from the backbone. […]


Shrimp-Stuffed Peppers

It is indeed unfortunate that many people pick the stuffing out of stuffed bell peppers, eat it and throw the peppers away, rather than cut them up and eat them with the stuffing. Green bell peppers, like any unripe fruit are more pungent than the ripe fruit. […]


Panko Trout

Private chef Tracy “T.L.” Bayles used a lot of Panko bread crumbs when he cooked in restaurants, and now likes Panko so much that he seldom uses other bread crumbs. […]


Sundays are special

Geneva’s recipe is one that we originally got from her in 1988. It became a staple dish at our family camp. She said mushrooms, crabmeat or shrimp can be added to the sauce, but if shrimp are used she said to be sure to make the sauce thicker because shrimp add water as they cook. […]

Bass Fishing

Study shows bass don’t move much

Like any other non-migratory critter, each largemouth bass has a home range, loosely defined as the area that the animal uses regularly in its quest for survival and reproduction each year. Lots of anglers assume that largemouth bass rove widely in their pursuit of food and oxygenated water.

While indeed, evidence exists that young school-size bass do move extensive distances, particularly in open reservoirs, most of the time bass just don’t go that far. As hard as it is for fishermen to admit, a lot of times when they can’t buy a bite, the fish haven’t left the area. […]