Extravaganza a sign summer’s over

I hate summer. It’s too hot and humid to do anything worthwhile outside, in my opinion. I don’t fish much, don’t have the patience for baseball, would rather hit my thumb with a hammer than work in the yard or a garden and the beach is for, well, terns and seagulls. […]


Sign ‘em Up!

As I drove across the property, it was love at first sight. The location was ideal — less than five miles outside town from my home. The habitat was a mixture of hardwoods, pine ridges, ponds, creeks, and open pasture interspersed among a network of timber islands. The place could not have been laid out better for deer hunting. […]


Summer Food Plots

It is a rather universally accepted practice, especially among landowners and deer hunters who lease land to invest in fall wildlife food plots. It is a cornerstone premise of anyone subscribing to the principles of quality deer management. But is this enough? […]

Deer Hunting

Legislature again weighs outdoor bills

The Mississippi Legislature has officially been in session since last January. The story on the street since then has been rumors of the availability of additional money this year due mainly to high sales tax collections from Katrina rebuilding business. […]

Turkey Hunting

Decoys can help, hurt a hunter

It is way too cool to see a wily gobbler fooled anytime it happens.Turkey hunters have become pretty slick over the years dreaming up new ways to trick ol’ toms into falling for seductive hunter tactics. […]


Public Turkey Tactics

Turkey hunting can throw lots of curve balls. For once, I thought I was ahead of the inside curve by scouting out a good area two weeks in advance of the season opener. […]

Turkey Hunting

Wood Wise

Rumors about the status of wild turkeys in Mississippi can be heard from a lot of quarters around the state like faint gobbles issued on the other ridge. […]


The Rabbit Man

The bawl of a loudmouth beagle hot on the trail of a brush-busting cottontail or big-footed swamper is sweet music to the ears of every rabbit hunting fanatic.