Extravaganza a sign summer’s over

I hate summer. It’s too hot and humid to do anything worthwhile outside, in my opinion. I don’t fish much, don’t have the patience for baseball, would rather hit my thumb with a hammer than work in the yard or a garden and the beach is for, well, terns and seagulls. […]


Sign ‘em Up!

As I drove across the property, it was love at first sight. The location was ideal — less than five miles outside town from my home. The habitat was a mixture of hardwoods, pine ridges, ponds, creeks, and open pasture interspersed among a network of timber islands. The place could not have been laid out better for deer hunting. […]


Summer Food Plots

It is a rather universally accepted practice, especially among landowners and deer hunters who lease land to invest in fall wildlife food plots. It is a cornerstone premise of anyone subscribing to the principles of quality deer management. But is this enough? […]