Reelin’ in the rut

Linda Burdine Pollard sat in her favorite deer stand in north Choctaw County last year, searching for sign of a hot doe. What she heard and saw were something very different, but exactly what she was looking for: a red-hot buck.  […]

Deer Hunting

Writer’s Thanksgiving morning buck

I love hunting cutovers that are between three and five years old, offer plenty of browse for deer and afford them security to feed openly during the day while never leaving the thick browse. Hunters who set up in elevated stands are able to spot deer — and pick out a good buck every once in a while — without ever being spotted.  […]


A time to kill

Hayes Nance was scanning the area around his stand, looking for a deer or any sign of movement, when, without warning, the woods came alive, and a couple of yearlings burst out, followed close behind by their mothers.  […]


2018-19 WMA Forecast

Brad Madden sat high in a climbing tree stand overlooking an open bottom frequented by grass-browsing does that were beginning to be chased by bucks at the onset of the rut. He had seen a few does earlier in the afternoon, but nothing with antlers. 


Bass Fishing

Tips for catching bass after dark

Justin Giles doesn’t just fish at night for bass in the summer because it’s coolers, but because that’s when he catches some of the biggest fish of the year. Here are some of his tips that can help you find and catch more fish after dark. […]

Bass Fishing

Bass after dark

In the fading light, Justin Giles cast a shaky head worm toward a submerged shelf, and let the worm glide towards the bottom until it stopped — the start to a nighttime fishing trip that would get off to a … […]

Bass Fishing

Cool runnings, hot bassing

Ken Covington steered his boat to just the right spot in the shallow creek, putting his father and favorite fishing partner, Jerry Covington, where he could pitch a white spinnerbait near a promising brush top.  […]