Deer Hunting

The payoff

According to Rick Dillard, U.S. Forest Service Fish and Wildlife coordinator and coordinator of the Magnolia Records Program, Sullivan’s buck is the highest-scoring typical buck ever taken with a modern rifle in Lauderdale County in the Magnolia Records book. […]

Deer Hunting

Sullivan’s strategy

Duke Wilson and Ricky Sullivan quickly realized that they had a potential record-book buck on their new lease. Some hunters might have used tree stands in the thick woods where the deer bedded and spent most of its time, gambling on wind direction favoring them and depending on being close to give them an advantage. […]

Breaking News

Another possible Lauderdale County record buck taken

Last Wednesday (Jan. 18) was the final day of Mississippi’s Deer Management Zone 1 modern-rifle season, and Ricky Sullivan was in his shooting house as he had been countless times during the long season.

He had lived in that stand the previous week, missing only that Tuesday because of work, because bucks were running does seemingly everywhere across East Mississippi. […]


Bye Bye, Wile E.

Two Mississippi hunters slipped into the moonlit field with quiet footfalls and talking only in whispers. One leaned a .270 against a corner fence post, and the other strung out wire to a remote speaker that was part of an electronic calling system. […]

Bass Fishing

The Big Three

Has the time come in your bass-fishing life that you are ready to catch the one trophy fish to mount or have a replica mount made? Is there a space on your den wall that you are saving for the bass of a lifetime to fill so that it will remind you visually of that day when the hook held and the line didn’t break? […]


Eight Best Buck Counties

Larry Reece scanned spacious openings from his elevated stand one day during the 2001 Mississippi Primitive Arms deer season. His Knight muzzleloader was at ready as he spotted a big buck 150 yards distant. He made some grunts on his Hunters’ Specialty grunt tube. […]


Long and Short

My brother, Ron, and I pushed off from the bank of the 10-acre pond in a 14-foot john boat just as the sun brightened the eastern sky. The water’s surface was not yet discernable from the heavy morning fog that was clinging tightly to the surface and turning the surroundings into a hazy, pastel gray. […]