Freshwater Fishing

Variety spices up Pickwick action

My pick this month is Pickwick Lake on the Tennessee River in Northeast Mississippi. Pickwick is an unusual lake because it borders three states — Mississippi, Tennessee and Alabama. Although I’ll launch on the Mississippi side of the lake, I’ll run upriver to Alabama waters. You’ll need an Alabama fishing license as well as a Mississippi fishing license if you’re going to catch some of those big smallmouths, largemouths and stripers that will be concentrated below the dam at the headwaters of Pickwick Lake. […]


Work Barnett’s pads at high noon

If I only had four hours to fish during the month of August on a Mississippi lake, I’d fish the lily pads at Ross Barnett. At this time of year, the bass like to get under the pads because they can hide out in the shade, the water is cooler and there’s plenty of oxygen. […]


Aliceville offers great July action

If I could pick only one place to fish in July, I’d fish the Tombigbee River on the Tenn-Tom Waterway and the Aliceville Pool. At this time of year, you really can catch quality bass off the old river ledges there with a Mann’s 15+ and a 20+ crankbait. My favorite colors are blue/chartreuse, black/chartreuse and Tennessee shad. […]