Creek hunting strategies

Mississippi is blessed with an abundance of smaller rivers and creeks that wind their way across the state. These waterways provide plenty of waterfowl resting and feeding grounds to both resident populations and those making more southerly migrations. […]

Deer Hunting

Be safe with a system

Hunter Safety System, Inc., was born out of a love for hunting and a desire to keep safe all hunters who use tree stands. Even so, it took a near-death experience to provide the impetus for the creation of the HSS harness. […]


Climb for the prize

If you were to survey any given piece of hunting property, there are areas that cry out to be hunted. A majority of times, these areas are soon saddled with a permanent hunting stand, be it a ladder, box or other permanent fixture. A hunter may even take one or more deer from that stand the next season, or it may be one of those rare stands that produces every season. But the reason that site was chosen is because it looked good to the hunter, not because it was conducive to the deer.  […]

Getting in on a lease or hunt-club land late in the preseason doesn’t have to hurt your chances of taking a big buck.
Deer Hunting

Last minute land: go deep, stay late

Most hunting clubs or landowners look for new members or leases during the summer. Word-of-mouth is the more common way that openings get filled, but some larger clubs or tracts may advertise in the newspaper, want ads, or even online on social media pages.  […]

Spending time at the range or in the back yard shooting your bow and/or gun will help you make that critical shot once the season opens.
Deer Hunting

No matter the weapon, practice

While you’re getting the land and your knowledge of it in shape, don’t forget about re-honing those shooting skills. Whether you hunt with modern firearm, bow or primitive weapon, putting practice time in at the range is a great idea.