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Smith County hunter ends early three-turkey limit at 96 years old

Bill Tanner was at home on Good Friday, tending his massive urban garden and taking care of a few other chores — including deboning and preparing a turkey breast for the freezer.

“My season is over,” Tanner said matter-of-factly. “That there in the sink is my limit turkey. My third gobbler this season.” […]

Deer Hunting

Big Buck Bounty winners honored

Primitive was a recurring theme Saturday (March 24)at the ninth annual Big Buck Bounty awards ceremony, celebrating a lot of massive racks at the Ag & Forestry Museum in Jackson.

Three of the four winners in the men’s and women’s divisions were taken during Mississippi’s primitive weapon seasons, including the contest’s overall winner, a 192 1/8-inch non-typical buck taken in Marshall County by Calvin Alderson of Olive Branch with a .45-70 rifle. […]


Alligator hunting opportunities expanded

More Mississippians will get the opportunity to hunt alligators on more waters under an expansion plan approved by the Commission on Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks on March 20. A total of 810 permits will be issued, representing a 40 percent increase over 2011. […]

Deer of the Year

Morgan Brake NWR produces 180-inch record-book buck

For two years, Andy Lloyd hunted the big buck that his brother Jeff had seen at Morgan Brake National Wildlife Refuge in Holmes County — a small-bodied deer with antlers lacking mass but possessing great length.

“Jeff was ranting about this buck he’d seen, a very tall and very wide rack that he said would go about 160 inches then,” Lloyd said. “I remember he told me, ‘If anyone ever kills that buck, don’t worry, we’ll hear about it.’”

Now, everybody is hearing — and talking — about the big 180-class buck, which Andy Lloyd punched a hole in during an afternoon hunt on Dec. 7 during the NWR’s annual muzzleloader hunt. […]

Deer of the Year

Swayze Bozeman arrows 160-class buck

Cousins Swayze and Trey Bozeman of Flora share a lot in common, more than just the blood that flows through their veins. They both have fathers who love the outdoors and are extremely dedicated to their families. The dads love to hunt and fish, and at Bozeman Farms in Madison County, they share those passions with their sons.

And, oh yeah, let’s not forget another thing the two boys have in common: They have both taken bucks with drop tines. […]

Deer Hunting

Shaffer buck misses B&C all-time record book by 3 1/2 inches

On Dec. 2, the opening day of primitive weapon season, Dwight Shaffer was waiting for his brother Burnell to pick him up and drive to a nearby hunting camp for an afternoon hunt.

Then his wife’s father interrupted with his latest story about a big deer he’d been seeing, news that nearly landed Shaffer in the Boone & Crockett Record Book of North American Big Game. […]