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Pack your patience

Casters to the left of me, trollers to the right, here I am, stuck in the middle with you. Stealers Wheel may have never fished the Gulf Coast for speckled trout in the winter, but if they had, they would have sung those lyrics. Love it or hate it, trolling is a main tactic during the winter months for catching limits of specks. Of course casting remains a viable technique as well.


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Program accepting frozen fish and wild game donations to feed elder, disabled and poor

The speckled trout are really starting to stack up — in the freezer.

The mild temperatures and lack of rain have resulted in trout being caught along the Mississippi coast’s beaches to miles up coastal rivers, and Joey Davis and Kendall Sauls of Ocean Springs have been stocking their freezers on these fishing trips.

And now, with their freezers filling up, the anglers are looking to give back to their community by donating fish to an Ocean Springs food kitchen to help feed the elderly, disabled and poor. […]

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Graveline Bayou filled with trout as weather cools

The hot, windy summer has finally given way to much cooler fall temperatures. This is a favorite time of year for most Gulf Coast anglers because these cooler temperatures bring the larger trout to the inside bays and bayous, making limits of keeper trout much easier to catch.

One of the most-productive areas this time of year is Graveline Bayou, which is nestled between Ocean Springs and Gautier (pronounced Go Chay by the locals). […]