Deer Hunting

‘Draw’ your own conclusions

Much of the allure of bowhunting is the challenge it presents. Many things have to go right for a bowhunter to successfully harvest game.  First, the quarry has to be at close range and unaware of the hunter’s presence.  Then, the bow must be drawn without alerting the animal, and the shot has to be made accurately for a clean kill.  Finally, the animal must be trailed for a successful recovery.  […]

Deer Hunting

Sweat the small stuff — all the time

As the calendar flips to September, my thoughts turn to deer and bowhunting. Archery season is already open in some places, and is about to open in many others. No matter where you hunt though, game time is imminent. 


Deer Hunting

Bow prep now is time well spent

As we enter August, early archery seasons are around the corner in many areas.  With that in mind, my thoughts always shift from fishing to bowhunting. It’s time to prepare for the season, and what you do now could very well determine outcomes later this fall.  […]