Sterile crappie much better for ponds

Mississippi is home to some of the best crappie fishing in the country. The fertile waters and long growing season are conducive to fast growth. When year-class strength is moderate, the crappie can grow to more than 1 pound in three to four years, and fishing is fantastic. […]

Bass Fishing

Bass program reports in for 2008

The place to fish for bass in 2008 was Pickwick, according to the annual report from the Mississippi Bass Tournament Program conducted by MDWFP with the assistance of bass clubs throughout the state. […]


Smallie population may be growing

There is something special about smallmouth bass. Maybe it’s their airborne acrobatics, often followed by a dive back to the bottom with line-breaking tenacity. Or maybe it’s their vicious, no-doubt-about-it strikes on crankbaits and jerkbaits. […]

Freshwater Fishing

Black, white crappie similar, different

Crappie, sac-a-lait, papermouth, white perch, specks or calico bass — call them what you will, the Magnolia State can rightfully boast some of the best crappie fishing in the U.S., and the best time for crappie fishing is nearly upon us. […]


MSU study reveals anglers’ likes

Fishery managers are in the business of providing the best fishing opportunities that are compatible with the wise conservation of the aquatic resources. They assess and, if needed, manipulate fish populations to achieve this goal. […]

Bass Fishing

Grenada may see better days ahead

It was a tough year for bass fishing at Grenada Lake. After back-to-back drought years from 2005-07, the lake caught some water in 2008, and resembled more typical years. Lots of water but, unfortunately, no bass. […]

Bass Fishing

Need an excuse? Don’t blame that front

Labor Day, 2008. From the safety and comfort of my Starkville home and through the convenience of the internet, I watched Hurricane Gustav smash into the Louisiana coast a few miles from where I had planned to be chasing redfish this holiday weekend. Reading the blogs on Gustav, I learned that hurricane soothsayers put a lot of emphasis on atmospheric pressure. […]


Is it time to raise fishing-license fees?

Fishing, and to a large extent hunting, are unique among activities that use public resources in that anglers and hunters pay most of the bills for managing the resources. Indeed, in Mississippi, anglers pay the entire cost of fisheries management on public waters. […]


Floods remind of batture’s value

As I write this column, the Mississippi River — the third largest river in the world — is 10 feet above flood stage, 2 feet below the record high and almost 20 feet above the average stage for this time of year. It’s a tense time for people who live and work along the Big River. […]