Right shotgun will hold child’s interest

The first wild game Brent ever took was a dove — and he killed it with a Daisy air rifle. Kell Munson and I were cleaning our limits of birds with more than an hour of daylight left. It had been a great hunt over browntop millet, and Brent, my stepson, had a lot of fun all afternoon running out to pick up my birds. […]


Work Barnett’s pads at high noon

If I only had four hours to fish during the month of August on a Mississippi lake, I’d fish the lily pads at Ross Barnett. At this time of year, the bass like to get under the pads because they can hide out in the shade, the water is cooler and there’s plenty of oxygen. […]


Get ready now for hunting season

This time of year, most hunters are hunkered down under an air-conditioning vent. It’s still a bit of a wait until hunting season, but that doesn’t slow down the daydreams or anticipation. Patience may be a grand virtue, but in August, it’s wearing thin for hunters. […]


Aliceville offers great July action

If I could pick only one place to fish in July, I’d fish the Tombigbee River on the Tenn-Tom Waterway and the Aliceville Pool. At this time of year, you really can catch quality bass off the old river ledges there with a Mann’s 15+ and a 20+ crankbait. My favorite colors are blue/chartreuse, black/chartreuse and Tennessee shad. […]


Extravaganza a sign summer’s over

I hate summer. It’s too hot and humid to do anything worthwhile outside, in my opinion. I don’t fish much, don’t have the patience for baseball, would rather hit my thumb with a hammer than work in the yard or a garden and the beach is for, well, terns and seagulls. […]