Pull camp duty now

Now is not the time to sit idly by once you have your food plots planted for the fall deer hunting season. There is still plenty of work to do especially if you have an established deer camp with a campground, cabins, trailers and other camp infrastructure in need of annual maintenance, repair, or replacement. Get on these jobs now so you can relax later and concentrate on hunting.  […]

Deer Hunting

Preseason wildlife plot prep

It’s a given that August is hot, humid and nasty. Who in the world is thinking now about fall hunting?

Well, any deer hunter worth his trail camera, grunt call, bow and arrows or a favorite deer rifle is already dreaming about sitting over a well-groomed food plot in a well-positioned tree stand or shooting house. […]

Bass Fishing

Hot bass in cool shadows

So, why do you think nearly everyone at the beach is sitting under a sun umbrella in July? Highway workers are wearing big brim hats with cooler wraps around their necks. Roofers, well, they are just sweating it off. […]


Crappie spidermania

As they often say, “It’s hard to argue with success.” Having said that, sometimes we forget how much effort, sweat, skin and sheer frustration goes into making something work really well. […]

Turkey Hunting

The female turkey hunter

As the ladies continue to swell the ranks of the hunting camps and woods afield all over the country, the guys are starting to wake up to the natural skills that female hunters possess. […]

Turkey Hunting

Turkey hunting warm up

It was nearly dark when the black ghost finally materialized around from the back of a big oak. We had been working that gobbler one of many ways since early afternoon. […]


Squirrel and rabbit hunting, one more time

It is definitely not time to put away your shotgun or .22 rimfire rifle.

Hunters these days tend to wrap things up after deer season is over. It’s like they never look at the hunting season schedule to see that small-game hunting is still open until the end of February. […]

Deer Hunting

Late-season weapon of choice

Oftentimes, deer hunters are not fully tuned into the details. Me included.

Perhaps you folks knew this one, but there is some fine print in the deer-hunting regulations about weapons choices during the “primitive weapons” seasons. […]

Deer Hunting

Using scents, drags, wicks and bombs to attract deer

Can a white-tailed buck actually be fooled by the use of real or artificial doe scents? After considerable research has been conducted on the use of such deer scents — as well as tons of anecdotal reports from hunters in the field — much of the evidence offers up marginal results. […]


Efficient scope mounting

Despite what the guy at the big-box store says, there are no real shortcuts to properly mounting a rifle scope. And it might just be the most-important aspect of hunting-rifle preparation you do, other than regular care and maintenance.  […]