Field Notes

The key to beating a neap tide

A neap tide is one that occurs when the difference between high and low tide is least. It comes twice a month in the first and third quarters of the moon. The problem with a neap tide … is that it can totally shut the trout bite down. […]

Bass Fishing

Fishing live shiners for bass

Live shiner fishing for trophy-sized largemouth bass came to fame back in the late 1980s and early 1990s when Florida anglers learned that trophy largemouth bass could be caught early in the year by offering one big bait to tempt bass that may feed only once or twice per day in colder water. […]

Experiment with different bait sizes and colors to dial in what the fish like.
Bass Fishing

Liven up the ledges

As long as the fish remain on the ledge, it’s a safe bet that they’re still in the food mood — so it’s just a matter of keeping an easy meal there for them. […]