Tuna trip is totally worth it

“Where is the best place to get good sushi?” the stranger asked. “About 120 miles that way,” Joey Davis said, gesturing to the southwest. Less than 48 hours later, Davis, Colton Wood and Hussein Zayed, all of Ocean Springs, were drifting cut bait on the Lump, south of Venice, La., in Zayed’s 27 Conch. […]


Giant California yellowfin tuna battle for world record

Two huge yellowfin tuna – the two biggest ever – have been caught in the past couple of months, but only one is being considered for a new world record. John Petruescu caught a 445-pound yellowfin just before sunrise on Dec. 9 while fishing on the Excel, a long-range charterboat out of San Diego, Calif., Although his fish surpassed the existing world record by a full 40 pounds, it was will not be considered as a possible world record because the boat’s captain grabbed the fishing rod twice during the fight, disqualifying it under the rules of the International Game Fish Association (IGFA). […]

Sound & Sea

December is tuna time

Scott Sullivan of Gulfport is captain of a 30-foot boat for the Mexican Gulf Fishing Company in Pass Christian. On the back of his boat, he has three, 300-horsepower Yamaha engines, and he can blister the wind running out to blue water from Point Cadet in Biloxi. […]