The Woof-Woof Buck

Just when you think you’ve heard it or seen it all when it comes to deer hunting, somebody comes up with a whole new twist or trick. Some folks even within the marketing industry working within the hunting sports say there really is nothing new, just simply the same old stuff, renamed, repackaged and rolled out in a new ad campaign. […]


Late-Season Trophies

Easing along the old logging trail in the pre-dawn darkness, I was stopped in my tracks by the aromatic smell of a musty rutting buck. Sensing one was nearby, I eased down and waited for daylight. […]


Pressure Cooker

Mississippi deer hunters are blessed in many ways. To begin with, we have an extremely long season when compared to other states — Oct. 1-Jan. 31, except for Zone 2, which doesn’t close until Feb. 15. […]


Black Skies and Bent Trees

Within 30 minutes, the skies turned from a neutral grey to a pinkish-purple and then to midnight black. From my tripod seat I could tell the bottom was going to fall out of the sky any minute, but my timing was off. […]

Deer Hunting

Some ideas for your deer backpack

It’s a good thing somebody invented the ATV; otherwise, I could never get all my gear to the deer stand. Well, the guys in my deer camp don’t call me the Gadget Man for nothing. You may recall Gunsmoke episodes where the old traveling salesman would drive his wagon into town with his stock of house wares banging and clanging from the wagon. That’s me, except I use a Honda Foreman. […]


What and Where?

Any successful bowhunter will tell you that nothing can ruin a hunt quicker than ineffective stand placement and setup. And while it is more critical for the bowhunter because of the limited capabilities associated with archery gear, rifle hunters can learn a great deal by taking a peak at the bowhunter’s playbook. […]


Hot-Weather Rut

Deer hunting in hot weather stinks. Literally! Just sitting there in a tree stand with those pesky mosquitoes buzzing all around my eyes, nose and ears with the sweat beads rolling down the back of my shirt and beyond is not exactly my idea of whitetail hunting under ideal conditions. […]