Avoid these 6 feral hog-borne diseases

Feral hogs are everywhere these days, so deer hunters are bound to run across them during time afield. And putting some of the pigs down is a great way to manage their burgeoning populations, which can cause habitat problems. […]


German hunter proves deadly hog hunter

Hogs are the scrouge of the South nowadays, with swine spreading into every area and generally causing mayhem. They tear up feeders, root up trails and create nasty wallows in bottoms — competing with the deer we all want to hunt. […]


Video: When wild hogs attack

Hunting is often described by the unitiated as an act perpetrated on innocent animals. And, well, we do hide in trees and wait for deer to meander into our sights. Fun and productive, but it’s not all that dangerous to the hunter, unless he happens to fall from his perch. […]

Hog Hunting

Porker pokers

Where did the idea come from that wild hogs are easy to kill? You ever try on purpose to drive a nail into a steel-belted tire with a hammer? Just be careful that hammer doesn’t slap you back in the face. 

This illustration gives a little insight into what happens often enough when a less-than-tough bullet hits the gristle-belted panel of a hyped-up wild pig.



This 400-pound pig is no boar

Two things you need to know about the giant, probably 400-pound-plus hog that Michael Nichols of Brandon killed back in early December near Raymond in Hinds County.

First, it’s a sow. Yep, that’s right. That pig in that picture is not a boar hog. It’s a sow, a fact that wasn’t discovered until it was dead.

Second, the best part of the story is not the killing, but the recovery and retrieval of the big porcine hulk.