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Great squirrel-hunting options abound across the state for float trips

Magnolia State sportsmen enjoy more than 2 million acres of public land in 42 wildlife management areas, nine national wildlife refuges and six national forests. The national forests encompass nearly 1.2 million acres. Many public properties offer excellent squirrel hunting. Numerous rivers traverse the state, creating superb places to hunt squirrels by boat. […]

Other Hunting

Remember the basics for float trips

Even when hunting from a small boat, sportsmen must keep squirrel hunting basics in mind. Pole, paddle or motor slowly forward, pausing frequently to let the boat drift several feet while listening and looking for telltale movement that could indicate squirrel activity. […]

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Team up for better odds

Many boat hunters work in teams. For safety reasons, designate one shooter at a time and take turns. The person in the stern controls the boat and helps spot game while the designated shooter in the bow keeps the gun ready, pointing forward or off to one side with the muzzle facing outside the boat. […]


Hayfield Coyotes

Shot Risher has a great vantage point from the seat of his tractor to see just where his hay mower is cutting. Since some of his fields are quite large, it takes several minutes to make a pass. Starting at the outside and working toward the center, one of the more common sights are field mice scampering for cover.

Often they run toward the center of the field and the last remaining tall grass.

Coyotes have learned the sound of the hay mower and tractor result in easy pickings, as the mice lose their tall grass cover. The same goes for hawks and even owls. The rodents that flee into the small, wooded areas are likely to be greeted by a bobcat, coyote or even a large snake. […]

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It’s leisure time

By this time of year, most hunters are worn out. Deer hunters have been in the woods since way back in October. Bowhunters are tired, deer dogs are thin as wheat wafers, even the deer are glad the season has finally come to a close. […]


Hype for Snipe

As duck season fades away and deer season wanes, most hunters begin to retire to their warm homes to recuperate after a long season. A few may go afield for late-season rabbit hunts and a February squirrel or two, but few have wingshooting on their minds this late in the year. […]


Public lands provide quality rabbit hunting

Mississippi’s rabbit hunters can look to the ample public lands around the state for quality hunting opportunities, the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks said.

“Almost all of our open public lands allow hunters to hunt small game with dogs, although some areas may have special regulations,” MDWFP Small Game Program Coordinator Dave Godwin said. […]


Song Dog Serenade

In today’s world, all too often wildlife populations are negatively impacted by human expansion. Too many times, urban sprawl and human progression mean the loss of habitat and a decrease in wildlife numbers. […]