Cooking on the Wild Side

Mango barbecue shrimp

If you haven’t been outside for a while, let me warn you, the temperature is leaning heavily toward the hot side. Cool days are in the mid-80s, and hot days steam into the 90s, with humidity numbers almost as high. Still, it’s comfortable most evenings to cook on your deck or patio.  […]

Cooking on the Wild Side

Leftover turkey has life

Regular readers of this column know there is always one turkey recipe each spring to go with the turkey season. Only once before have I added a second turkey recipe, but I’m going to do it again. It’s a turkey pie, cooked in a cast-iron pan, that can be cooked in the oven or taken outside to the grill in the warming May weather. It makes a lot, too, so there will be plenty for lunches for a few days.  […]


Captain of the kitchen

The eyeglasses give the well-built, middle-aged man a scholarly look, but he carries an obvious outdoors veneer from years in the sun. Nothing in Capt. Tommy Pellegrin’s appearance would lead one to believe he is a chef. […]

Cooking on the Wild Side

Blackened venison stew

Winters in the South typically aren’t harsh, at least not for more than a few days at a time, but there will be a few times it’s nice to have a pot of something simmering and ready to eat to help warm up. […]