Bob’s crocky pork shoulder

This recipe was given to me by my friend Bob Szymakowski. I didn’t know Bob could cook, but I will know never to underestimate him again. Anyone that specializes in things for the Crock-Pot gets my attention. The next recipe he sends me will be tried soon instead of waiting like I did with this one. […]


Panko Trout

Private chef Tracy “T.L.” Bayles used a lot of Panko bread crumbs when he cooked in restaurants, and now likes Panko so much that he seldom uses other bread crumbs. […]


Venison roast

All the prep work has been done. The trail cameras have been snapping away, the rifles have been sighted in and the ammunition has been loaded. I know many of our readers are very excited about the prospects of bagging that trophy buck this season. […]


Sundays are special

Geneva’s recipe is one that we originally got from her in 1988. It became a staple dish at our family camp. She said mushrooms, crabmeat or shrimp can be added to the sauce, but if shrimp are used she said to be sure to make the sauce thicker because shrimp add water as they cook. […]


Honey-orange dove

Finally, hunting season is almost here. September not only brings a small relief from the heat, but it also ends the anticipation of hunting season. […]


Tony’s Mustard-Fried Panfish

The first fish that I ever caught was a bream; incidentally, that’s also the first fish my kids ever caught. When August arrives, the fishing gets tough — and the tough go bream fishing. It can fill a hot August day with excitement, anticipation and dinner. […]