Sausage-stuffed venison meatloaf

This recipe is something I had wanted to do for a while, and I had to experiment a bit to get it right. Several of the early attempts were actually pretty good, but just not what I was looking for. This is my base recipe, but I am constantly experimenting. I have a penchant for combining two things that taste good separately and seeing how they taste together. […]


Tacos a great way to serve fresh fish

If there is a way to serve fish, chances are I’ve cooked it or had someone else cook it for me. A benefit of what I do for a living — writing about outdoor sports, especially fishing — is that I usually have an ample supply of fresh fish. […]


Shrimp-Stuffed Peppers

It is indeed unfortunate that many people pick the stuffing out of stuffed bell peppers, eat it and throw the peppers away, rather than cut them up and eat them with the stuffing. Green bell peppers, like any unripe fruit are more pungent than the ripe fruit. […]


Bob’s venison chili

I don’t know where Bob Szymakowski came up with the idea for this chili, but I’m glad he did. If you try it, you will be, too. It isn’t the ground meat-and-beans mixture that comes to mind when I hear the word chili. […]


Baked crappie

The crappie is a white-flesh fish caught in lakes and ponds. The meat is not easily frozen, so it is best cooked fresh. […]


Phillip’s Venison Tenderloin

Many people are looking for new and interesting ways to prepare venison and other game for their families, and this is a winner. It uses a variety of vegetables, which enhance the subtle flavor of the tenderloin and keep it moist in the oven. […]


Bob’s crocky pork shoulder

This recipe was given to me by my friend Bob Szymakowski. I didn’t know Bob could cook, but I will know never to underestimate him again. Anyone that specializes in things for the Crock-Pot gets my attention. The next recipe he sends me will be tried soon instead of waiting like I did with this one. […]


Panko Trout

Private chef Tracy “T.L.” Bayles used a lot of Panko bread crumbs when he cooked in restaurants, and now likes Panko so much that he seldom uses other bread crumbs. […]