Creek hunting strategies

Mississippi is blessed with an abundance of smaller rivers and creeks that wind their way across the state. These waterways provide plenty of waterfowl resting and feeding grounds to both resident populations and those making more southerly migrations. […]


A typical day of hunting wood ducks

A typical day of chasing woodies with the author starts out a blind he’s constructed at a favorite, abandoned farm pond in the middle of some big timber. It has a beaver dam across the spillway and cypress trees growing on the shallow end.  […]

Deer Hunting

Writer’s Thanksgiving morning buck

I love hunting cutovers that are between three and five years old, offer plenty of browse for deer and afford them security to feed openly during the day while never leaving the thick browse. Hunters who set up in elevated stands are able to spot deer — and pick out a good buck every once in a while — without ever being spotted.  […]

Deer Hunting

Be safe with a system

Hunter Safety System, Inc., was born out of a love for hunting and a desire to keep safe all hunters who use tree stands. Even so, it took a near-death experience to provide the impetus for the creation of the HSS harness. […]

Bass Fishing

Strong River floats require preparation

It is blessing and a curse, but parts of the Strong River have little or no cell-phone service. Tall trees and high banks block the signal. For that reason, if no other, be sure to file a travel itinerary with someone who will take responsibility if you fail to show up at an appointed time. […]