Mississippi’s WMA Preview 2019 – Delta Region

Mississippi provides its public-land hunters with some great opportunities across the entire state

According to biologist Roger Tankesly of MDWFP, the south Delta region started flooding last November, and some areas are still underwater. That could spell trouble for hunters who like to hunt Mahannah, Twin Oaks and other South Delta WMAs.

“Last August, we had record rainfall in the Ohio Valley, and 60 to 70 percent of the water in the river comes from up there,” he said. “We started seeing the effects during November last year at Mahannah and Twin Oaks. We lost the entire season in January, and it’s been flooded ever since.”

Hunters need to understand that this is a 125-year flood, something that’s never been seen before in our lifetime.

“(In late July), the river is at 98 feet in the backwater, with about 81/2 feet of water in the shop at Mahannah,” Tankesly said. “The levee system was inundated and is still several feet underwater, and we just don’t know when it will come down.”

Lake George WMA is protected to 96 feet, and it’s 9 to 10 feet deep in the headquarters there.”

The extent of the flood devastation is unknown at this time, but the habitat and infrastructure in the area will be affected, with buildings and roads taking the biggest hits. The habitat has also been affected severely, and the deer and other animals that could leave did.

While the deer usually return as soon as the floods recede, what will happen this time is unknown, as a lack of browse and food will play a big factor.

South Delta WMAs may not be open to deer hunting this year, but time will tell as that determination hasn’t been made yet.

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