Mississippi’s February bass frolics

Slow down and fish the right baits, and February can be lunker city for bass fishermen on a handful of Mississippi lakes.

Make jigs your February faves

Bass pro Davy Hite thinks February is the perfect month to fish a jig and crawfish trailer for big female bass.

Meet Mississippi’s big bass buster

Brandon angler Bill McKay, who has honed his big-bass skills for years, says targeting lunkers takes special tactics.

Throw what bass want

Tom Holman believes lures made to look or act like wounded or dying shad may work best for lethargic winter bass.

Spike those early spawners

February is the beginning of a Mississippi largemouth bass’s trip to the spawn, and a great time for anglers to target the biggest of the big.

Great with grubs — Bass-fishing tips for grubs

Grubs aren’t flashy, and they’re not in vogue right now. But they downright catch bass, and this month is prime time for the versatile lures.

February fatties — How to catch winter bass

February produces some of the hottest bass action. And these experts tell you how to get the most out of your days on the water.

Adjust when bass fishing late-season cold fronts

Downsizing to a smaller jig, crankbait or jerkbait can make a difference drawing strikes from bass during cold-front conditions.

Best bets for February bass

February is a schizophrenic month. Cliff “Cajun Baby” Crochet has learned a few tips that helps him keep fish coming across his gunnel.

Fishing live shiners for bass

The key to fishing live shiners for trophy-sized largemouth bass is proper presentation of the bait so that it stays lively.