Electric Fishing Reel Systems of Greensboro, N.C., has released a new series of self-contained, heavy duty electric reels. The Brute Series includes three sizes of electric reels designed for recreational and commercial fishermen. The Brute Series is self contained and includes the spool and rod or boom.

Carl Huffman, the company's president, said, "We made three models to cover the range from lighter to heavy use. The Brute 800 targets the recreational and tournament fishermen. The Brute 1000 is aimed at the small-boat commercial fisherman as an alternative to the "one-arm bandit" reels. The Tuna Brute targets commercial and recreational fishermen who use green sticks."

The Brute 800 and 1000 are made to mount in a boat's standard rod holders. They have three options for spools; the smallest will hold more than a mile of 150-pound braided line on the 800 or 200-pound braided line on the 1000. Few fishermen will require more.

The standard rod has some flex and a pulley on the end. Rod options include a heavy duty fiberglass rod and a specially fitted rod for using as a downrigger or dredge rod. The rod can be turned to any angle off the boat and removed at the end of the day for easy storage. 

With a full spool, the Brute 800 retrieves line at 361 feet per minute and the Brute 1000 brings in 393 feet per minute. The switch is 3-way and includes positions for off, momentary and on. There is also an emergency handle in the event of a power failure on the boat. 

The list of uses for the Brute Series includes bottom-fishing, sword-fishing, teaser reel, dredge reel, trolling, long-line fishing and as a downrigger.

Huffman said that several of the Southern Kingfish Association teams are already using the Brute 800 as an electric downrigger and really like it.  

For more information on the new Brute Series or any of the other products manufactured by Electric Fishing Reel Systems, visit their website at www.elec-tra-mate.com.