The MirrOdine series of floating, suspending and diving lures from MirrOlure have been popular since their release a handful of years ago. The newest member of the family, the MirrOdine C-Eye Pro series, takes up where the originals left off and dares fish to bite.

Innovations on the MirrOdine C-Eye Pro series begin with the natural clear 3-D eyes that are so real they appear to be looking back. Many biologists say eye contact creates a surplus of aggression, and it sure appears to trigger strikes with the MirrOdine C-Eye Pro.

Contemporary fish-catching finishes also grab the attention of predator fish while premium black nickel hooks put the bite on all fish that strike. Just like all of the other MirrOdines, the C17MR has a bright, reflective, luminescent insert that attracts fish. The MirrOdine C-Eye Pro is the same size as the other 17MR series MirrOdines at 2 5/8 inches long and also weighs 3/8 of an ounce, so it suspends at approximately two to four feet deep.   When fished with a twitching retrieve, the MirrOdine C17MR is a shallow running lure that darts from side-to-side, mimicking a wounded baitfish and drawing aggressive strikes from speckled trout, redfish, snook, striped bass and tarpon.  The new black hooks disappear and allow the MirrOdine C17MR to make the switch to fresh water and tempt bass, striped bass and more.    The MirrOdine C-Eye Pro series is made with several new features and colors to attract more fish and generate aggressive strikes.