If you’ve got your own hog problem, Adam Lee said it may or may not be a wise choice to do a little night-vision hog hunting.

The deciding factor is all in what kind of land you have.

"I’ll give you an example," Lee said. "I’ve got hogs on my deer property — a good number of hogs — but it’s all woods with big, rolling hills.

"Woods are not even an option to go there and try to hunt hogs at night with night vision gear because you won’t be able to see very far in the woods."

If your property is all wooded, Lee suggested that the only way you will be able to successfully hunt your hogs is through using deer-hunting tactics or popping them whenever you get the chance while deer hunting.

"You really need access to big agriculture land," he said. "Big ag land, big food plots, they work the best. In fact, any crop land you have available to you, whether it’s corn, soybean or just a ryegrass field for your cows, is where night hunting for hogs works the best."

And if you decide to try a little night hunting on your own property, Lee said the worst thing you can do is to hunt them the wrong way.

"I know folks that go out there, drive around on their four-wheelers and try to spotlight hogs," Lee said. "All you’re doing trying to spotlight them is educating the hogs.

"Once you educate them, they get harder and harder to kill."