They may look a little like cedar plugs, but the Stogie, Diamondback and Tailwiggler Lures from BooneDox Gear and Tackle are much more – because they catch fish and keep on catching them.

The affordably priced lures are made with bodies of anodized aluminum, allowing the to far outlast wood and plastic lures of similar sizes and shapes when it comes to being continually chewed up by wahoo and tuna.

Available in three sizes and plain or with multiple-rigging options, the Stogie, Diamondback and Tailwiggler were made by craftsmen with extensive training and experience in the furniture industry in Thomasville, N.C. Originally designed to increase casting distance for surf fishermen, each is available in a 3-inch size that weighs 1.28 ounces, plus 4- and 6-inch sizes that weigh 2.4 and 4.15 ounces, respectively, and are rapidly gaining followers as trolling lures.

The 3-inch lures are available unrigged or rigged with two feet of 80-pound mono leader, a pair of red or green beads and a No. 4 Eagle Claw Treble Hook.  The 4-inch lures are available unrigged, rigged with eight feet of 125-pound mono leader and an 8/0 Mustad needle eye hook, or with eight feet of 125-pound mono leader a skirt on the nose of the lure and an 8/0 Mustad needle eye hook. The 6-inch lures are available unrigged or rigged similar to the 4-inch lures except the larger lure comes with a 10/0 hook. All lures are available in black, blue, gold, green, pink, purple, red and silver.  Skirts are available in blue and white, chartreuse, pearl and pink.  

The Stogie is the most stable of the BooneDox Lures and trolls in a straight line.  The Tailwiggler got its name from its side to side motion, which makes it appear to be an injured fish at faster trolling speeds. Between these two models, the Diamondback has a little motion but creates a thicker bubble trail with a hard shoulder and scrolling on its side.

With three versions of action and three sizes, plus numerous rigging options, there is a BooneDox Lure to help put more fish in your fish box.  For more information ask your favorite tackle dealer or visit