Tommy Hemphill is one of two hunters interviewed for this article that have been charged by a wounded hog. It was not a pleasant experience.

“I was hunting with a .45(-caliber) muzzleloader when a large sow entered a food plot at 72 yards,” he said. “I watched her for a few minutes, hoping she’d come a little closer to the stand.

“When she offered a broadside shot I put a slug in her ear. Her front legs collapsed and her rear legs tried to start running — a little like a cartoon character.

“She finally dropped and became still. I assumed she was dead.”

So he climbed out of his stand.

“As I approached, she recovered from the head wound long enough to become a 300-pound mass of jaw-popping, guttural-grunting, intense, pure anger and decided to extract her revenge on me,” Hemphill said. “Luckily I had my Smith & Wesson .357 and put an end to the charge with three more shots to the head.”