The highlight of Thursday’s weigh-in show was the story told by Marvin Ettredge, pro angler from Monroe, La., who had a really rough day: He weighed in two bass that weighed 3 pounds, 8 ounces but won the crowd over with his tale of one that got away.

“Man, it was really tough out there and bites were really, really hard to come by for me,” Ettredge said. “I mean it was tough. I had two fish and we were about ready to check in, and about 30 minutes ago we stopped to throw a frog on one last area of pads.

“I made a cast and all of a sudden I had to sneeze, and it was a head-turner. I sneezed so hard and, at exactly the same moment a bass, and it had to be a 5- or 6-pounder because it was huge, blew up on my frog.”

This did not end well for the angler.

“Oh heck, no,” he said. “I was so stunned I missed it. I should have waited until I felt him to set the hook, but I just came out of that sneeze and was so stunned I just set the hook. Of course, I missed him.

“All day long, I fished for that one big bite, and I am a guy who rarely if ever sneezes. It was the only time I sneezed all day, so how bad was that?”