So you think you're a pretty good wing shot, huh? Well, have you ever shot a passing Canada goose — with a bow?

The guy shown in the attached video does, bringing one down and knocking feathers off of several others.

"Well, if you're wondering what I do when I don't have anything  to do," the hunter says before slinging an arrow at a passing flight of Canadas. "I'm out here in the middle of wide-open expanse of nothingness, but this is where the (Canada) geese love to work the corn fields and the winter wheat ....

"I thought I'd get some wing-shooting practice in here, and I thought I'd bring you guys along with me tonight, and we'll sling some arrows at some (Canadas)."

Hitting a flying goose requires a big lead — real big. But the hunter said arrows are more efficient at sky-busting shots than shotguns.

"They're never very low here, but at least you can get some good shots," he said. "The good thing about shooting at high geese with a bow  — you know, you shoot at them with a shotgun, you're going to probably wound them; but if you shoot at them with your bow and their high, it don't matter how high they are, if you hit them, they're down."

He misses his first shot — shoots through the wings of one goose — but he finally connects. And you can hear the impact.

"Bingo," he says as a goose slowly falls to the field. "Second shot, and I've got my first (Canada) of the day."

Like he expects to kill more — and nearly does when he knocks tail feathers off a single passing goose.