One of the best things about the Internet is the explosion of information available to assist hunters: News, facts, area regulations and more, all available on computers, tablets and even smart phones.

This has never been truer than with the myriad of daily updates and new information for duck hunters. Today’s duck hunter can get current information virtually by the hour on duck migration trends, duck numbers at various hunting sites, and other critical data that can make a planned hunt a “Go” or “No-Go.”

One of the latest Internet sites for waterfowlers is the free Stormchasers Network, which is sponsored by Federal Premium Ammunition and can be found at

The site gives hunters access to all kinds of information pertinent to waterfowl hunting. It includes a comment Blog, a message board to share commentary with other hunters, hunter-submitted photos, a storm tracker map and weather updates. Federal calls it “the most advanced social waterfowling site online.”

The Storm Tracker Map is a unique feature where waterfowl hunters can select the waterfowl species they are after including puddle ducks, diving ducks, sea ducks, geese, and swans. Hunters can put in the hunting date ranges they are considering and the map will post areas where those waterfowl species are active, allowing sportsmen to “follow the ducks.” Hunters can also enter a zip code to get immediate info on weather conditions in their area.

With the Stormchasers Network, Mississippi waterfowlers have immediate access to real-time information to get the most out of their hunting opportunities, as well as sharing duck hunting news. That could come in handy on a slow hunt in a cold blind.