With waterfowl numbers are near-record levels in recent years, the firearm industry has been busy trying to keep pace. Hence, a lot of good shotguns have flooded the waterfowl hunting market over the last decade with nearly every maker getting on the wagon.

It’s hard to keep up with all the new guns and gear. Without detailing the specifications, here is a brand listing of new shotgun models to Google or study a company website before you walk into the local gun shop.

• Remington - This old gun company has really come on strong with new waterfowling models. Brand new is the Versa Max, handling all three popular shell sizes, finished in either Mossy Oak Duck Blind or Realtree AP. The 11-87 has been upgraded with a new Sportsman Super Mag Waterfowl taking up to 3.5-inch shot shells and finished in Mossy Oak Duck Blind. The 887 Nitro Mag Waterfowl pump action in either black or Realtree Max-4 is definitely worth a serious look. www.remington.com.

• Benelli - A top line for waterfowling guns, Benelli has so many models it is mindboggling. Check out the SBE II with ComforTech finish in Max-4, the Super Vinci now in Optifade camouflage, the Super Black Eagle II and the basic M2 Field Shotgun. There is a price point model here for any duck hunter. www.benelliusa.com.

• Browning - Called the Maxus, Browning’s latest waterfowling shotgun has a long list of new features including Power Drive gas system, Vector Pro, Turnkey magazine change, Speed Load Plus, and Back-Bored technology all wrapped in Mossy Oak Duck Blind camo. www.browning.com.

• Winchester - The SX3 is Winchester’s duck gun offering. Camo wise, it comes in either Mossy Oak Bottomland or Realtree Max-4 with a texture grip stock. Technology includes back-bore, and Truglo sights in a 3.5-inch shotshell capable action. www.winchesterguns.com.

• Beretta - OK, I’m biased, saving my favorite for last. The quintessential waterfowl shotgun is the Beretta XTrema2. It has it all. It offers multi-sized shotshell capability, comes in Max-4 HD camo, has a Kick-Off recoil system and synthetic stock grip panel inserts, and it’s imperviousness to water-laden environments, which when combined put this gun at the top of the heap. www.berettausa.com.