Paul Fitts of Fitts Farms Inc., in Moorhead said current corn production makes the middle Delta ideal for goose hunting, although the duck-hunting prospects have diminished a bit because of a lack of water.

“When we flood an area to attract ducks, it locks up the phosphorous in the soil,” Fitts said. “If we go in and plant soybeans in the spring, the beans in the area that had been flooded will be noticeably shorter than on land that hadn’t been flooded. When we’re getting $14 or so a bushel for beans, it’s hard for us to justify flooding an area because of the lost production.”

However, Fitts said that planting practices could change if the booming market for corn wanes. He’s certainly seen that happen before.

“I have an idea that the corn market right now is not sustainable,” he said. “If corn falls far enough, we’ll be planting beans and rice again, and you know what that means for all kinds of waterfowl.”