The 2013-14 deer season opened with what most hunters in Mississippi love to see — fairly cool weather. So expectations were high, especially since cool fronts moved through the state on a regular basis throughout the early season.

We at Mississippi Sportsman braced for the avalanche of big bucks we’ve come to expect over the several years.

And then — not much happened.

Sure, there were some nice deer taken, and one of those was a pending Warren County record.

But only eight trophies had surfaced by Thanksgiving. Even though some of the lack was simply because the stories didn’t leak out, but we’ll admit that we were befuddled.

But then the deer began to fall, and there were some monsters in the mix. No record-breakers, certainly, but some really big deer that help cement Mississippi as one of the big-buck destinations in the South.

Here are the stories of the biggest deer kills we’ve rounded up since mid-December, along with a time line for the entire season.

Franklin County gives up Top-10 buck

Christmas gift comes as 190-inch Grenada County trophy

181-inch deer ends hunter’s dream season

Ophthalmologist downs 183-inch Warren County beast

Copiah County gives up 180-inch monster buck

Huge palmated buck to be scoring challenge

170-inch Newton County buck downed

Former MDWFP official kills 167-inch Christmas Eve buck

First solo hunt ends with 150-class trophy

Small food lot draws in 150-class buck

Muzzleloader hunter takes 155-inch Yazoo County buck

Wife, mom takes family’s trophy buck