Everybody knows that kee-kees are made by young turkeys and are rarely heard in the spring season and they’re almost never used to call up gobblers … everybody but Paul Meek that is.

“I built a kee-kee box trying to get a reaction from the mother hen,” Meek said. “You’ve just never heard something like a box call doing a kee-kee and some folks don’t believe it can be done. But master it and you’ll be surprised at the results.”

Meek gave an example.

“I built a kee kee-box for Ricky Dubose and he was amazed,” Meek said. “He told me that he played that thing and turkeys started coming in from everywhere, including hens and one big gobbler that quickly met his maker.”

That’s just what Meek had in mind with the kee-kee box, giving turkeys something different, something that would really turn them on.

“If momma don’t see them little ones and hears that kee-kee, she’ll come to see,” Meek said. “And if the female turkeys come in, the male turkeys are going to follow.”